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Before Your Studies

For most applicants, moving to a new country is a major adventure. It’s a chance to open up new horizons and possibilities and meet new friends. It may also be an opportunity to supercharge your (future) career on an international

If you are coming to the UK to study at a British university, and as such for a course taught in English, you will be able to tap into a worldwide community with English as its first, or strong second language. 

Making your dream a reality will take research, planning and serious decision making however.

If you don’t know about these already, there’s a lot to be found out about:

  • What life is like in the UK
  • What you need to do to be here legally
  • What you need to put in place in case anything happens or you become ill
  • Where the money is coming from, both for your studies and living costs…
  • What your entry qualification is really worth in the UK
  • Not to mention:

    • What course to do where and…
    • How it all fits together.

The menu on the right will suggest links to start finding a way through all this. Good planning will go a long way towards making your adventure a success. 


How we plan:

Planning sometimes happens in a more haphazard way, but if we look at how it might work, then that may help trying to avoid some pitfalls. 

Simple planning gridWe often start with ideas, which may or may not come to fruition, which can be a good thing. Ideas are easily transformed into assumptions and misconceptions. In the worst case this will block us off from possibilities which would otherwise be open to us.

It's not only important to be aware of any assumptions we are making but it's also important to find out the correct information which, by comparing with your initial ideas, will become evidence for or against.

This may trigger further ideas, or may prompt us to adjust our plans, after which the circle starts again. 

Once we are more or less sure about:

  • What we want
  • Whether what we want is possible and a good idea

we can move on… and start acting on our ideas to allow our plans to be successful. 

You will see that the (very much simplifed) model above is easily used in the decision making for university study and our career. This is of course very similar to the scientific method!


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