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European Mainland – UK Comparison

Below you will find grids which compare education systems in a limited number of different European countries with those of the United Kingdom. Because of the amount of information, the files linked to the buttons below are relatively big and in A2 format (.pdf).

The grid for your country may not be available at the moment and I will add more gradually over time. 

Some background:EU_flags

Since the Bologna Agreement and the Bergen Conference, comparing Higher education in almost all countries in Europe has become straightforward and follows mainly a BA/BSc – MA/MSc – Doctorate framework. This is why I haven't included a lot of detail for other countries. It's important to be aware that there is no absolute parity between countries, or even within different areas within the UK.

Another issue may be the history of HE qualifications in any given country that may have an impact on expectations within that country. If, for instance, a country had a pre-Bologna system in which a standard qualification took 4 years, then it may follow that in this country, the standard qualification people aim for at university could be a Masters, rather than a BA/BSc. In the UK, the BSc/BA Hons is still the standard leaving qualification. In some cases though, the MA/MSc (or even Phd/Doctorate) could be the standard entry qualification for some sectors of industry. 

Because of the relative differences between education systems, and because you will most likely have knowledge of the education system in your country, the education grids for countries other than the UK will have been simplified. This will hopefully help understanding and lessen unnecessary complication. Even in the UK, any exceptions to mainstream options may not be mentioned on any of the grids, but the main ones should all be there. I wish to refer you to the previous page on this site for further explanation of any of the UK qualifications. 

Important disclaimer:

Please be aware that the grids below are not necessarily exhaustive and that education systems may change over time. The grids are therefore for guidance only and don't represent a complete and final comparison. For acquiring a legal comparison of any qualifications, I would like to refer you to Naric, who provide a service to validate any qualifications outside the UK. You could also talk to your university/universities of choice to get clarification.







Use the entry field below to contact me with any questions and suggestions or if you spot any errors. Please bear in mind that all the grids are necessarily simplified versions. I am happy to receive emails in English, Dutch/Flemish, German or French. Any other language is also welcome, but please bear in mind I may reply in English. 

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