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object1434440707As you will notice from the timeline on this website the application system in the UK is often very different to that of other countries. Especially as an undergraduate in the UK you don’t apply directly to university. In addition to this, you will be in competition for places with all the other applicants. This last point applies for both undergraduates as post graduates. In some instances the situation may be a bit more flexible for postgraduate applicants. 

As an undergraduate you can, and will ideally, also apply to up to five different universities or courses and make a choice depending on the offers you get. As a postgraduate student it's mostly best to get in early and do your research beforehand, especially if you're going into a completely different direction. 
If you are a postgraduate student/applicant UCAS have now set up a system which will allow you to apply centrally for postgraduate place of universities that take part in the system.

For a lot of courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate you ideally will have some relevant experience already. This doesn't have to be in your exact field of study in many cases. You will find more information on how to go about thinking about and planning this on the 'Applying' page on this website. 

In addition:

  • You would need to choose a course and a university.
  • You will need to make sure you have a good referee, who can vouch for you and who can speak sufficient English to write your reference and talk to people in the UK if required.
  • They you will need to register on Ucas Apply.
  • The next step is to start filling in your application form online.
  • In the meantime you have to write your Personal Statement.
  • You then send off your application form online, making sure your reference is ready as well.

Once you have sent off your application form you will get offers, which you accept or decline.

If you don’t get any offers you can re-apply for one course at a time through Ucas Extra.
If your grades are not what you thought they would be and you can’t take up your place, you need to find a place through Clearing from half through August. This will involve calling universities direct.

In the meantime you will or may have to sort out:

  • additional entry exams.
  • a test of your level of English and possibly a course to prepare you.
  • attendance of additional interviews at the universities you applied with.
  • student funding.
  • where you are going to stay.


Choosing a course

Choosing a university


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